Friday, January 22, 2010

Unpredictable Uses

I just re-read Daniel Lyon’s commentary in Newsweek, about the debate over the impact of Apple’s tablet computer. It may destroy, it may enable, it may fail, it may thrill … that’s what excites me – no one knows! And as Daniel states, “nobody ever knows how new ideas will evolve.” The iPhone was quickly adopted yet what sustains and magnifies our interest in it are the apps. Unpredictable, quirky and ever evolving – new ideas, technological or otherwise, invite us to reinterpret and stretch their initial intent.

Try for yourself. Challenge yourself to use the last thing you purchased in at least 3 different ways. What can you add to modify or improve its use? What do you wish it could do? And when you pick up your tablet computer … make some predictions about what it will become within the coming year.

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